Success is Ancient

Success is ancient. It is the secret of prosperity and long life.

Torah detail
Photo by Taylor Wilcox / Unsplash

Success is ancient. But it's also only as old as the oldest person living today. Apart from living human beings, all knowledge is simply words on paper, the artifacts of past generations left behind, and the creation itself.

Since the beginning of human existence each generation must learn the same lessons. No one is born with wisdom. Wisdom is learned, taught, and passed to the next generation through stories, proverbs, and counsel. Wisdom was recorded on stone tablets and papyrus scrolls long before books were available. In the chaos of early civilization, wisdom was preserved in sacred texts.

The early books (or scrolls) on wisdom were the first success books. Wisdom is the mother of success. Just as wisdom can be learned, so also can success be learned, and achieved.

However, each generation needs teachers. Teachers are able to take the principles and practices of success and present them in a way that makes sense in the current generation and culture.

That's why we must continue to tell people about the principles, practices, and benefits of wisdom and success. They are timeless, but we have to hear about them, study them, and put them into practice. And of course, teach them to the next generation.

While people chase the latest ideas and personalities, the ancient way of wisdom and success continue. The principles of wisdom and success endure forever.

Success starts with the principles, practices, ideas, and values of wisdom, such as:

  • Knowledge - Seek the right kind of knowledge as there is infinite knowledge available. Not all knowledge is profitable. The right kind of knowledge is knowledge that enables us to flourish.
  • Understanding - Knowledge increases in value when there is understanding. Understanding comes from asking questions. Asking "why" illuminates the consequences of a particular rule, activity, or process. We start out with knowledge, then grow in understanding.
  • Discernment - Discernment is about seeing beyond the surface. Discernment helps us weigh options, consider consequences, and choose the better path. Discernment helps us avoid the temptation of short-term pleasure.
  • Investment - Everyone has talents. However, talents require investment. Investing in our talents increases our value. It is a gift to be able to use our talents to help others. Be skilled at something other people need.
  • Integrity - Good character leads to a good reputation. Who seeks out the services of a liar? Who trusts anything to a thief? Who can depend on anyone that is unreliable and changes with the wind? One must be known in order to have a good reputation.
  • Diligence - Diligence is to finish what we start. It is to be appropriately thorough. Diligence is a protector.
  • Counsel - With important matters, seek the counsel of trusted advisors. Wisdom knows we all have weaknesses and blind spots of understanding. Therefore, we seek the counsel of those we trust in order to gain insight that we might have missed. We are not necessarily looking for approval on consensis. We still are responsible for our choice. In seeking wise coundsel, we have exercised due diligence.
  • Generosity - Being generous is helping people when you have the means to do so. Being generous is not easy for us. We have a strong fear of loss. However being generous does not mean giving all you have to the poor.
  • Health - Make good choices in health. There is no opportunity for prosperity if we’re in poor health.

The principles and practices of wisdom and success have been around from the beginning, and will continue forever. They produce exceptional value and attract abundance.

The benefits of wisdom and success are peace, love, long life, reputation, honor, and prosperity.

The principles of wisdom and success are ancient and eternal. Learn them, study them, live them, and pass them on as a legacy of love.

To your success!