Life Has Seasons

Seasons change.

Life has all sorts of seasons. There are winning seasons, losing seasons, building seasons, and rebuilding seasons.

Life Happens

When you start the journey of pursuing your dreams, you start off with a lot of enthusiasm. Then life happens.

You realize you lack the discipline and direction to achieve your goals.

You might become disillusioned. You see that what you are trying to accomplish is hard work. And no one appreciates your hard work.

Some situations are forced on you. There is no way around it. Your goals and dreams are put on hold while you fight other battles.

Maybe you have experienced success in accomplishing a major goal! Congratulations! But even successes fade.

Seasons come and go. There is no "I made it" forever moment. We will always have challenges to overcome, but they will be bigger, and have greater rewards.

Navigating the Seasons

There are a couple of things that help us to navigate the difficult times.

The first is knowing that difficult seasons will end. No storm lasts forever. They might last longer than we want. But at some point the storm will end.

The second thing is purpose. If our purpose has no end criteria, then we have a mission that will last beyond a lifetime. No matter what the season is, our purpose never changes. Our purpose can get us through every season.


There are seasons for everything in life. Savor the good times. Celebrate success. And know that the bad times are not forever. Each challenge helps develop the skills to overcome even bigger challenges and achieve greater rewards.

"I believe the best definition of success is living a life of integrity while pursuing your dreams. Success is manifested by the daily creation of value that serves others."

To your success!

James Wilder

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