Align Your Actions With Your Most Important Goals

Will your actions today get you closer to achieving your goals?

To obtain what we want, we must have focused daily action that advances our progress on achieving our most important goals.

This is Not Easy!

In spite of my best intentions, I sometimes lose focus.

To avoid this tendency, each day I track the time I spend working on my most important goals. I don't track anything else.

For example, I track:

  • Hours per day writing new content.
  • Hours per day on self-training/education.

For me, right now, these are my two most important actions. They are the things that create long-term value.

If my day doesn't include writing or training, I did not advance toward my most important goals. Today is where good habits get reinforced. Today is where the past and future are created. In other words, today is the most important day.

Good habits, and bad habits, are created by repeating the same behavior every day. If we divert from our goals for a few days (without good reason), we begin to reinforce a habit of neglecting the most important things.

Take action on your most important goals today.

Be Flexible

I'm a good boss to myself. I hold myself accountable, but I also give myself flexibility. I love working for me!

For example, I shoot for two hours minimum writing per day. But my minimum is ten hours of writing per week. As long as I hit ten hours per week, I'm meeting my requirements. This gives me flexibility to write three hours one day, and one hour another day. Flexibility is important.

At the end of each week, I should have:

  • 10 hours writing new content.
  • 5 hours training.

Another example of flexibility is I schedule the most important goals for the morning. Then, I give myself freedom to do whatever I want to do in the afternoon. This keeps things fun and keeps me from getting burned out.


Check Your Actions Daily. Ensure that your most important goals get worked on each day.

Give yourself the flexibility to work more some days and work less on others, if necessary.

Measure only what is important.

To your success!

James Wilder

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