Living a rich life of more than enough

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Abundance is about living a rich and fulfilling life. A life of more than enough.

A rich life is having a sense of freedom that comes from charting your own course in life. It is being clear on what you value. It’s holding firm to your beliefs. It is about being happy with who you are and excited about what you do. It is about letting go of competition and status and becoming a person who is a source of life and blessings to others.

This book will help you create the conditions of abundance in your life. We will examine a path of beliefs and practices that are no less than a map to the real treasures of life.

  1. What Is Abundance
  2. Abundance Is Not One Way
  3. Abundance Is Expansion
  4. Being Faithful
  5. Being Known
  6. Being Grateful
  7. Developing an Abundance Mindset

To your success!

James Wilder


What Is Abundance

More specifically, what is an abundant life?

When I was a youth the main question was "what do you want to be when you grow up?" And then as a teenager, the question was: "What do you want to do for a living?" And of course, "are you going to college?"

I never had clear answers for any of these questions and I was running out of time. I was motivated by fear. Fear of not getting a job. Fear of getting a job and hating it.

The formula was go to school, pick a college, pick a trade, and go to work. That's success brother. When are you going to get married and start a family? Have you thought about that?

What saved me through this time was my imagination, creativity, and curiosity. But I wonder how I would have answered the question: "what would an abundant life look like to you?" I’m sure I would have paused, then asked "What do you mean?"

What is Abundance?

Definitions are always a good place to start. Stephen Covey coined the phrase "abundance mentality" in his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People."

Covey describes some of the conditions for an abundance mentality (today the word "mindset" seems to be more popular).

The belief that there is plenty out there for everybody.
A deep inner sense of personal worth and security.
Generous in giving and sharing credit or recognition (my words).

Covey also describes the symptoms of not having an abundance mentality. This he describes as a scarcity mentality.

The Symptoms of Scarcity

Steven Covey explained abundance by first describing scarcity mentality. It is helpful to know the symptoms in order to appreciate the cure.

We learn scarcity thinking, like everything else, from our experiences in life. We are trained to compete with one another in school. We are graded constantly.

Scarcity thinking is that there is not enough for everybody so you must compete for your slice of the pie, or get an empty dish. The smart, beautiful, charismatic people get all the pie.

There are plenty of adults who carry the scars of life because they didn't have the armor all humans need from childhood. These scars are stored as emotional memories. An abundance mindset is one of the ways to dismantle the limiting beliefs we adopted.

Abundance is Liberty

Abundance starts with belief. We must believe that there is plenty for all of us. This is all we need to start with.

The belief of abundance is a valuable possession. The longer we possess it, meditate on it, and act on it, the more valuable it becomes. We begin to see the abundance we already have. It illuminates possibilities yet to be seen.

With abundance, there is no need for jealousy, competition, or hoarding. These are malicious feelings, beliefs, and behaviors. Being free of these constricting things gives us room to breathe. It frees us from fear. It liberates our perspective to a higher level.

There's More to Abundance

There is more to abundance than the mindset of "there is plenty out there for everyone." There are multiple ways to understand and experience abundance, everyone is unique. But as breathing applies to us all, so does abundance. Maybe abundance is like air, it's all around us. But if we don't breathe it, we don't experience it. If we don’t breathe abundance, it becomes something we strain for, like gasping for air.

I believe that in our heart we want to say yes to abundance. We intuitively know we carry too many burdens. It's usually in the storms of life that we finally become open to help. Abundance has healing power as well as a sustaining power. It is a source of refreshment for the soul.

The abundance mindset is a belief that there is plenty for all. This belief rejects the temptation to compete with others, to compare ourselves to others, or be envious of others.

How do we tap into abundance?


Abundance is Not One Way

We might be tempted to think of abundance as good things coming to us. But it really starts with good things flowing from us.

Abundance Flows From Us

Abundance works when we see ourselves as part of an ecosystem of abundance. As human beings, we each have unique talents. We can use our talents to create, and use what we create as a stream of abundance flowing out of us to others. For example, if someone has the talent to create art, then art can become the means to participate in abundance. Artists can create much more art than they need. So, creating art for others is a means of participating in abundance.

What we create must have value to others. If we immerse ourselves in creating, we will soon acquire the skills necessary to become proficient and masterful. When we acquire the skills we will be able to create abundantly.

The wise teacher proclaimed: "Give, and it will be given to you. Pressed down, shaken, and overflowing." Abundance starts with a giving attitude. When we use our talents to create abundantly we have value that we can share with others. We can give abundantly out of the overflow that we have created. This abundant giving creates good will among those around us. This in turn sets up the power of abundance.

A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. -Proverbs 11:25


Abundance is not receiving more but expressing more.

If we want to participate in abundance, then we have to be a source of abundance to others. We must create in such a way that we have an overflow. From the overflow we have plenty to give. Then, we can use our overflow to be of service to others.


Abundance is Expansion

Most every successful person has a whole list of people to thank for helping them. If you have ever watched a Hollywood awards ceremony, you know that each award winner has a long list of people to thank, usually starting with family.

In the same way, we need to have our list of people to thank. Abundance does not work in isolation. We can expand our "thank-you" list by practicing the principles of ASK.

It is said:

Ask and it will be given to you.
Seek and you will find.
Knock and the door will be opened.

The key is action. Abundance does not chase us down and force itself on us. Abundance is a rewarder of those who ask, seek, and knock.

Abundance is expanded when we recognize, utilize, and participate in the opportunities that are available to us.


There are some things we can't accomplish on our own. Abundance comes through people. The best place to start is our immediate family and friends.


To seek is to go beyond our current resources. There are some things we will never discover unless we explore. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding are always worthy things to seek.


Sometimes we know there are opportunities, but we don't have access to them (we can't open the door). We will have to knock if we want the door to open. There are some doors that will not open unless we knock.


It's difficult to see abundance at work. Abundance is like the growth of a tree, first with the roots, then the trunk and the limbs, and then the fruit. This is expansion.

The key principle is that abundance expands if we are humble and willing to ask, seek, and knock. Resources are available. Answers are out there if we seek them.

Abundance is never experienced on our own. It is a flow of giving and receiving. It is a life giving connection between people.

And let us not forget, or take for granted, the people who have helped us.


Being Faithful

There is a saying that goes "The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer." This saying parallels the idea of trajectory. If we have a target we are aiming for, such as a better (abundant) life, all of our actions over time give us a positive trajectory.

One of the ways we can create the conditions for abundance is to be faithful over what we have. There are many things we can be faithful over, such as our relationships, our finances, our time, our talent, our attitude, our knowledge, integrity, reputation, and most importantly, our health.

If we are not faithful over these things then it will be difficult to experience abundance in any of these areas. It would be like trying to get across a lake in a boat with holes in it.

Being faithful is also a spiritual principle, as it is written "He who has, more will be given."

I believe the phrase "he who has" means he who is faithful. If we are faithful over something, it means we are trustworthy managers over what we have. The second part is "more will be given." Since we are trustworthy managers over what we have, we can manage a greater amount.

Abundance is Not Autopilot

Being faithful over the important things in our lives is not easy. Even those who appear successfully get tripped up because they haven’t developed faithfulness in certain areas. Just observe the daily news and note how well educated people end up in serious trouble. And that's just the people who make the news. A greater percentage of people we don't hear about struggle as well.

Being faithful is not easy. It can't be done on autopilot. It takes awareness, effort and diligence.

Practice Faithfulness

In order to practice faithfulness we can list the things that are important to us, and then evaluate if we are managing them well. If there are areas we struggle, such as finances, time management, attitude, etc., then these are the areas to improve.

If we want to overflow with abundance we must be faithful so we can hold the blessings we have, and then overflow with abundance. Being aware of the important areas in our life is the first step. Then we develop our ability to be faithful over what we have.


Abundance is not about miracle money showing up in your mailbox.

Being faithful is not cool, mystical, or exciting. That's why many people don't see the simplicity of abundance.

Jim Rohn, the man who inspired Tony Robbins, said "Success is a refined study of the obvious; if you brush up on the obvious you can start going for your fortune!"


Being Known

There is a small bakery in my neighborhood. It’s where I go to get cupcakes. Very good cupcakes. Pumpkin is in season. So delicious. What a blessing to have a gourmet bakery in my neighborhood. Cupcakes make the world a better place.

I know where to get the best cupcakes.

Being Known

One of the ways to expand our abundance is to expand our reach. It's easy to become known within your family if you love to bake. Your family gets to enjoy many treats. They can also give you feedback on their favorites and least favorites.

If my neighborhood baker never started a business I would have never known about her wonderful baking skills.

We start by sharing our talents with our family and friends. We can expand by sharing with a community. We can expand even further if we wish. The sky's the limit these days.

There is joy in sharing our talents with others. And we are in complete control of how much to share, when to share, and how far to share.

Being known is not about advertising. Being known is simply about serving others with our talents. Those we serve will develop a fond awareness and appreciation for what we do. We become known as a result of sharing our talents.

Being Remembered

Being known for something means you are remembered and thought about. How many times do you think about others during the day? Maybe you see something and it reminds you of someone. Maybe you have a conversation and a topic comes up and it reminds you of someone. Our mind is always reminding us people and things as we go about our daily lives.

If we use our talents to serve others, people will remember us in a good way. And if you have a business making cupcakes, you just might get some new customers that say "I heard about you from a friend!"

Being Consistent

There is a philosopher photographer I enjoy. He always challenges my thinking and I get much encouragement from him to keep experimenting with my photography. He has been blogging for over ten years. I feel like I know him. He's a photographer, philosopher, artist, husband, and new dad. If he ever quit blogging, it would be earth shaking to me. He is always there. That is the power of being known, and being consistent.

Being consistent in how we serve is key to becoming known and reaching beyond our family and friends, if that is something we desire.

Being Patient

Becoming known is a slow process and that's good! It gives us time to grow and try different things. It allows us to develop and refine our talents into expertise.

If we have ambitions to reach beyond our family and friends it will take some extra time and additional skills. But the concept of using our talents to serve others is the key.


Abundance starts with good things flowing from us. Our talents and unique experiences give us something to share in abundance. Over time, as we share our talents, we become known and appreciated. We also become remembered and shared with others. That is abundance!

It is completely in our control as to who we serve and how far we want to go. The sky's the limit!


Being Grateful

Wherever there is gratitude, abundance is present.

I know a man. He's in his sixties and he busses tables at a local restaurant. I don't know his whole story. All I know is he's a shining light. He stands out like the sun on a clear day. He is always grateful. Always positive. Always gives customers a welcome when they enter and a thank you when they leave. You would think he owns the place. He certainly owns the positive energy.

Another thing I noticed about this man; customers are always directly tipping him, even though he's not a waiter. He doesn't solicit tips. He has never hinted about tips. He treats everyone the same, with kindness, positivity, and gratitude. Customers love to bless him with tips. Some even write stories about him. :) He is a wonderful example of abundance. It is abundance in action.

An Attitude of Gratitude

If we focus on the things we don't have we will be forever unhappy, and all we gain will never be enough.

Even if we have no money in the bank, someone longs for the chance to start over. Even if we're in debt, someone longs for the chance just to be alive. As long as we are still alive, there are possibilities.

It is a harsh truth. Life is not fair. No one owes us anything. This is even more reason to be grateful for what we have!

Even if we have a job bussing tables, if we have an attitude of gratitude, abundance is at work. In other words, no matter what our circumstances, if we live in gratitude, abundance is at work.

We Are Stewards

We didn't make our body and we didn't make the world. Somehow we came into existence and we became aware. Our life and the universe we live in was given to us. How can we say anything is ours?

We are stewards of what we have been given: our life and the world. If we think we own anything eventually death will tap us on the shoulder and we leave it all behind.

We are given enormous power. The power to choose: what shall we do with what we have? What shall we do with our time and talent?

These are deep ideas, but the key is to recognize that owning anything is an illusion. Whatever we have, we have temporarily. A deep sense of gratitude can come from this awareness. What we have is ours to be faithful over while we are here.

What we have is not permanent. We are always in a state of gaining and losing. Knowing that what we have is not permanent gives us a deeper appreciation for the people and things in our lives.

Gratitude is a Practice

Everything that is worthwhile in life requires effort. If we don't exercise, we lose muscle. If we don't move around, our circulation decreases, making it harder to recover from illnesses. Use it or lose it is the rule of thumb. Gratitude is a practice, and a good thing to practice every day.

When you wake up every morning and your feet touch the floor, think of something that makes you smile, something you are grateful for. Speak it in your mind, or speak it out loud. Make gratitude a ritual. Make it a creed.

If there was a pill we could take every day that makes our life better, then gratitude is that pill. And it's free.


We can choose to live in a universe of abundance and possibilities or a world of fear and scarcity.

Life is a miracle and every day we have a choice to live in gratitude.

There is no ordinary day when we tune in to the miracles around us and the power within us. Wherever there is gratitude, abundance is present.

Abundance favors the grateful.


Developing an Abundance Mindset

As dream builders we don’t not fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with others. We can certainly learn from others, but we run our own race. We live our own life. We don’t even compete with ourselves.

The goal is to become as free as possible. Free from false limitations. Free from choosing unempowering thoughts. Free from jealousy and comparison.

Recognize Jealousy

One of the ways we can reject jealous thoughts is to tap into a deep inner sense of a personal calling. If we have a personal calling we have access to all the resources we need to live out our calling. Therefore, why be jealous of anyone? It is infinitely better to be free from jealousy. Freedom is empowering.

If jealousy creeps in, it is good to simply remind ourselves that we are free, and have no desire to join the jealous club.

Resist Comparison

Comparison is just another form of jealousy. Sometimes we wish we were more talented. Sometimes we wish it wasn't so hard to achieve the results we want. It looks easy for others. Some people achieve what we want in a shorter amount of time. So what. That's none of our business. We are neither ahead nor behind anyone. We have our own timeline.

Comparison makes no sense. Learning does.

As long as we are exercising our talents to whatever degree we can, we will grow. This is a choice, a wise choice I believe.

We are just fine the way we are. And not only are we fine, each day we're getting better.


Removing jealousy and comparison from our thinking is the twenty percent that gives us eighty percent of the results. Practice this, and we build an empowering mindset that can recognize other forms of thought that may attempt to limit our freedom.

If we can be happy with the success of others, then it's a clear sign that we have an abundance mindset. If we catch ourselves feeling jealous or comparing ourselves to others, remember it is infinitely better to be free than join the jealous club.

Hold firm to your beliefs in your own personal calling and purpose. No one was left out when it comes to the ability to make a positive difference. We all have strengths and talents. No eloquent arguments or debates are needed to justify our beliefs. Belief is a choice.

Avoid the temptation to direct what is beyond our control. Allow people to be themselves. We have our own life, our own calling, our own talents. We have plenty to do!

An abundance mindset is freedom. Freedom from jealousy, competition, false limits. Freedom to be. Freedom to create. Freedom to express the light we have. Nothing holds us back. This is the life we enjoy. Freedom to live a great life.


Your dream is just the beginning. There are many principles and practices that can help you build your dreams and live an abundant life.

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